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The Four Best Scuba Diving Countries In The World

Are you a fan of scuba diving? This is one of the most exciting hobbies that a person can have. Many people get into this after trying snorkeling, and decide that they would like to spend more time in the water. If you have never done this before, it is highly recommended that you take lessons on scuba diving so that you can get a feel for how this is done. It may require you to travel to several different places in the world, but this will allow you to see beautiful countries all over the earth and also enjoy the scuba diving that is available. Here are the top four top scuba diving countries in the world that you may want to visit.

Barracuda Point, Malaysia

If you do get to travel over to Malaysia, one of the best places to go is Barracuda Point. This is located at Sipadan Island. As with many of the places that scuba diving this popular, it tends to be in a tropical location where the waters are warm enough to see beautiful fish and coral reefs. There is a literal wall of coral that you will see under the water. You will get to see many different types of fish including sharks. You will also see turtles, parrot fish, and many others that will absolutely astound you while you are in the water.

The Yongala, Australia

This is a location that is right off the coast of Queensland which is to be expected because this is where the Great Barrier Reef is located. you are going to see turtles, sea snakes, bull sharks, and a multitude of different fish that will swim in enormous groups. This is also a place where you can see the Yongala which is a shipwreck after which this places named. Despite the tragedy, it is simply a beautiful place that you can visit if you really want to do some excellent scuba diving.

Blue Corner Wall, Palau, Micronesia

Micronesia is one of these unique locations in the Pacific Ocean which has incredible Nan Madol which is an ancient ruin that was created thousands of years ago. There are wonderful places to go surfing, and you can also enjoy snorkeling, and spending time on the beach at Nett Point. However, if you want to do scuba diving, Blue Corner Wall in Palau is the place to be. You are going to see beautiful coral reefs, mantis shrimp and morays which are absolutely incredible fish that will just be swimming by.

Great Blue Hole, Belize

Of all of the places you can visit, you definitely have to go to Belize. This is a destination that will absolutely astound you. Not only are there ancient ruins of pyramid temples close by, it also offers some of the best snorkeling and SCUBA diving in the world. Great Blue Hole. This is an absolutely enormous sinkhole off the coast, located at the center of a small atoll. It is absolutely beautiful, going down over 100 m, and is 300 m in diameter. It can be seen from the air, and is even more wonderful when you get to go in. It’s one of the most popular dive spots in the world for people that like scuba diving, and it will certainly become one of your favorites.

These are just a few ideas for you to consider if you would like to start scuba diving, or if you would like to go to places that are absolutely breathtaking. Not only is the scuba diving great, but you will have all of these other activities that you can do in these countries which are popular vacation spots for people all over the world. Scuba diving is a way of getting to relax, allowing you to see parts of the world that are simply not available if you are spending most of your time on land. If you can book a trip to any of these locations, or even all of them, it is going to make your experience this year with scuba diving one of your best ever.