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The Top Three Diving Spots In Greece And Why You Want To Visit Them

Greece is a great place to visit if you’re going to travel the world, and that’s without going diving. Then if you start taking a look at the top diving spots in Greece, you’re going to see some magnificent pictures and scenery. That’s before you see what’s underwater. And that’s not all folks. You get to look at all the cool reasons and things that can happen when you go scuba diving at one of the top spots in Greece.

You will hear things like you get to meet Poseidon, but let’s get real here for a minute. What else will you get to do while you are diving in Greece? You can possibly find all kinds of cool treasures, and you can visit ancient ruins. You are going to see all kinds of cliffs and even volcanic caves. Or, how would you like to dive the dome? It is going to be a great experience, but you still need to know the top three dive sites and maybe a bonus.

First up is Chios Island, which is a special place indeed. You’ve heard of the Aegean Sea, right? This is a great dive spot in Greece, and if you look at the Greek Islands altogether, Chios Island ranks 5th in size. You have heard of the Great Wall of China, but now you are going to find the Great Wall underwater, a huge cliff and that’s not all. There is also corral, and now you have plenty of reasons for why this diving spot is definitely one of the best in Greece. There is much more to know about Chios Island, too.

The next spot is an uninhabited Greek island. Does that sound adventurous enough for you? It sounds like an adventure to me, and the island is called Marathonisi, also referred to as Turtle Island, due to its shape. That’s not the only thing this island has to do with turtles though. It’s known for being home to enormous sea turtles, loggerhead turtles. Reviews say that you will also see moray eels and flying fish.

There is going to be one more featured diving site in Greece, #3 on the list. It is Dragonisi Island Caverns. This diving spot is evidently even more popular these days given there are less restrictions diving when you visit the Greek islands. How do you visit an uninhabited island anyway? Good luck with that one. All joking aside, you will find out how to get there easily enough if you choose that diving spot in Greece.

Where else in the world have you been diving? If you are a diver, you know Greece ranks up there with the best of them when it comes to countries and dive sites. Isn’t this going to be the most amazing diving vacation that you’ve ever taken? You can always go back for more, too, as there is plenty more to learn about those dive sites and others. One more thing because I said I was going to give you a bonus pick. The 4th choice for diving locations could be Shinaria Beach.